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Book 3 Modules 1-2
1-5 BABCB 6-10 CBACB
11-15 CABCA 16-20 BBAAC
21-25 ADDCC 26-30 ABDDB
31-35 AADBD 36-40 EGFDB
41-45 BACDC 46-50 BBCDD
51-55 BAACD 56-60 CBACD
61. entered 62. a
63. that 64. amazed
65. standing 66. in
67. independent
68. because / as / since
69. decisions 70. it
71. ... is found again. is后加never
72. ... fool around ... fool → fooling
73. ... begin to suffer. begin → began
74. ... anything had to ...
anything → something
75. It was the time ... 去掉the
76. ... my time wise. wise → wisely
77. ... half an hours ... hours → hour
78. ... keep a record for ...
for → of
79. Look back on ... Look → Looking
80. ... on when to ... when → how
One possible version:
Dear John,
I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. Fortunately, you were not seriously injured and are getting better.
We are planning to visit you next weekend. If there is anything you need to make your days pass more easily, just phone us and we will be happy to take it to you. I sincerely hope you are comfortable and that you are not worrying too much about your studies. You know, every one will be glad to help you with your subjects after you are out of hospital.
Hope you recover soon.
Li Hua
21. A.词义猜测题.由上文的a fire burned Vivienne Palmer's house to the ground and turned her possessions to ash及下文的but later, a surprising state of happiness set in可推断,划线词的意思应该是“难过的”.故选upset.
22. D.细节理解题.由第三段中的she looks around her crowded house ... a commitment to let go of at least ten things ... every day for a year可知.
23. D.推理判断题.由第四段中的warned her: Don't set yourself up for failure可推断,David对Palmer的计划持反对态度.
24. C.细节理解题.由最后一段中的Palmer hopes to raise enough money to fund a family vacation可知.
25. C.细节理解题.由第三段中的your brain signals your body to relax to prepare for sleep可知.
26. A.篇章结构题.由第四段首句This brain activity may cause your larger muscles to contract a little bit及段末的almost at the same instant that your muscles jerk可推断,划线部分指代脑部活动引起的身体抽搐.
27. B.细节理解题.由第六段中的Myoclonic jerks are a normal part of sleep. Most people have them at one time or another可知.
28. D.推理判断题.由第六段末的many people don't realize their muscles are jerking during night sleep if it doesn't wake them up可推断,肌阵挛性抽搐并不总是会让人醒来.
29. D.观点态度题.由第三段中的Graffiti is a crime ... 可推断,Abdal Ullah反对在公共财产上涂鸦.
30. B.段落大意题.第四段主要介绍了涂鸦的负面影响,即难以清理、清理成本高.
31. A.推理判断题.由第五段中的My paintings show 22 years of intense art making ... 可推断,Saber认为他所创作的涂鸦也是一种艺术.
32. A.细节理解题.由最后一段中的They set up 12 walls where people can legally paint graffiti可知.
33. D.细节理解题.第一段首句介绍了全球电子垃圾快速增加的四个原因;该段末句介绍了电子垃圾回收率低的现状.故D项正确.
34. B.细节理解题.由Will accept部分的Cell phones可知.
35. D.文章出处题.通读全文可知,本文是某高中一组织举办的电子垃圾收集活动的通知.
36. E.E项与上文的Expressing yourself ... can be very helpful及下文的They feel better about themselves相呼应.
37. G.G项在此起承上启下的作用.
38. F.F项与上文的he should use “I statements”相呼应,并与上文的you should not say “You never help me clean the home”!形成对照.
39. D.D项与上文的remember to think about the other people who are involved in the situation相呼应.
40. B.B项与上文的It is not good for me to hold on to anger相呼应.
41. B.由下文的And after a short pause it would make ... 可知,此处是说蚂蚁“遇到(came across)”一些障碍.
42. A.由下文的the cleverness of this ant可知,这只蚂蚁表现得很聪明.据此可推断,蚂蚁为克服障碍会作“必要的(necessary)”绕行.
43. C.由语境并结合下文的the ant laid the feather over the crack, walked across it可推断,此处应该是说裂缝有10毫米“宽(wide)”.
44. D.在短暂的“思考(thoughts)”之后,蚂蚁想出了通过裂缝的办法.
45. C.由文章开头的I spent nearly an hour watching a tiny ant carry ... 可推断,作者被蚂蚁的聪明“吸引(attracted)”了.
46. B.蚂蚁“只是(only)”一只小昆虫.
47. B.由上文的a small insect可知,此处是说蚂蚁的体格很小.
48. C.上文是说这只蚂蚁很聪明,下文指出它在搬运羽毛前没有考虑周全导致最后徒劳无功.前后是对比关系,故选However.
49. D.由下文的The ant had not thought the problem through可知,蚂蚁像人类一样也有“不足之处(shortcomings)”.
50. D.过了一段时间,这只蚂蚁“最终(finally)”到达了它的目的地.
51. B.蚂蚁的家在地下.
52. A.53. A.那么大的羽毛怎么可能“装入(fit)”那么小的“洞(hole)”呢?
54. C.由上文的some obstacles in its path可知,蚂蚁搬运羽毛途中遇到很多“麻烦(trouble)”.
55. D.由于羽毛太大无法运到洞内,所以蚂蚁最终“放弃了(gave up)”羽毛.
56. C.蚂蚁在搬运羽毛之前没有全面地考虑问题.
57. B.由上文蚂蚁历尽艰辛最后却不得不放弃羽毛可知,羽毛最后只不过是一个“负担(burden)”.下文的These are all burdens也是提示.
58. A.我们担心没有足够的钱.
59. C.由蚂蚁搬运羽毛的事例可推断,我们在人生路上“获得(pick up)”的很多东西都是负担.
60. D.某一天我们会在到达目的地时才发现历尽艰辛获得的很多东西都是“没用的(useless)”.
61. entered.考查时态.由since可知用一般过去时.
62. a.考查冠词.chance在此作“机会”讲,是可数名词,且表泛指,故其前用a.
63. that.考查关系词.设空处引导定语从句,修饰anything,且在从句中作主语,故填that.
64. amazed.考查形容词.设空处作表语说明人的状态,故填amazed.be amazed at 意为“对……感到惊奇”.
65. standing.考查非谓语动词.设空处所在句用了with的复合结构,buildings与stand之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,故用动词-ing形式.
66. in.考查介词.in any way 意为“在任何方面”.
67. independent.考查形容词.设空处作系动词became的表语,要用形容词,结合下文可知设空处指“独立的”,故填independent.
68. because / as / since.考查连词.“我不得不学会做饭、洗衣之类的事情”的原因是“我远离父母”,故填because / as / since.
69. decisions.考查名词.设空处作make的宾语,要用名词,且由语境可知要用复数形式.
70. it.考查代词.设空处作形式主语,真正的主语是to say ... friends,故填it.